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Secret Language of Birds tarot

When I first started thinking hard about birds, I thought it might be interesting to make a series of cards depicting their qualities. This was before I realised there were such things as books. Even after writing the book, it niggled at me that the idea I had needed to be presented in a less linear way, and it dawned on my that I could make a set of cards…tarot cards. And so I did, with the help of an amazing lady, Linda Sutton, RA, who became as passionately involved in the project as anyone could wish.

The Tarot School: The Secret Language of Tarot

You can see more of her work at www. To give you a sense of perspective as to how long these things can take, I had the idea for the tarot in and worked on it fairly compulsively until it was accepted by Schiffer, one of the most innovative producers of lavish tarot decks in the world.

The acceptance email came to me at about 4am on Christmas Eve, , and the deck was published in September You are right- any new book about Tarot is welcomed by me. I wish the authors every success.

The Secret Language Of Tarot

Yes, I did see it was about the symbols that are in the RWS, but as many of those symbols are basic and pretty prevalent throughout other decks, they could certainly be used with others very much so. Well I could go on and on but those things appear in a vast majority of decks I use! Thanks Rosanne for giving a idea of what the book is about.

But great for those who are into the Rider-Waite. I agree that the book looks usable with more than just the one deck, but even if just my Universal I want it. Let me see.

Which site shall I order from? I received this book last week.

Tarot Book Study Group: "The Secret Language of Tarot"

First, it is not an all encompassing book on tarot symbols. The only symbols discussed are crowns, pillars, rose and lily, paths, mountains, crosses, moons, stars, pools, horses, suns, banners, armor, blindfolds, feathers, castles, clouds, gardens, rivers, towers, angels, and temples. Each symbol is discussed in depth in a very scholarly way. There are frequent references to alchemy, qabalah, astrology, and freemasonry and some knowledge of these would be helpful to get the most out of this book.

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There are some interesting spreads in the book. I'm not sorry I bought the book, but I wouldn't put this book on my must buy list. Thank you Rose for that review.

The Secret Language of Birds Tarot

Could'nt not buy it, so it's in its way. I'd agree that it should work best with the RWS or one of its recolored clones but not with a deck that uses similar but not identical images like the Morgan-Greer or Robin Wood. This is not a "that card means this" book, so you can't just use it as a crib for readings; Place's book is good for that. But by deepening the associations of symbols - like the blindfold, the cross, the pathway, the sun, the pillars - it should be useful for anyone who reads with any deck that maintains a consistent symbolic pattern.